Introducing our 2nd & newly released album, “Days of Us”

It’s “a sweet, polished jewel” says former “Rolling Stone” reviewer, Joe Woodard.

73 OF THE WORLD’S TOP MUSICIANS collaborated to create Seraphonium’s sound with rich, melodic songs that chase genres.
From theatrical to pop to folk to world music – is completely unique.

SERAPHONIUM’S 1st RELEASE – “After A Many Summer



Seraphonium, meaning “songs of heaven” (Empyrean Records), is the innovative, musical brainchild of solitary songwriter Monte Schulz. His songs chase melody across genres, from rock to pop, classical to folk to world music. Each tune’s poetic, storied lyrics focus on Monte’s undeniable passion and talent for writing beautiful melodies and powerful, colorful words.

Performing under the name Seraphonium, and to manifest his lyrical and melodic intuitions, Monte marshaled musical collaborations with seventy-two of the most accomplished and respected session and live musicians from the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. Recorded in Santa Barbara and Ojai studios, “After Many A Summer” is an ambitious, sophisticated, cool and complex body of work.

In the tradition of producer-impresario visionary projects, à la Alan Parsons Project and Steely Dan, Seraphonium couples insightful songwriting with undeniable musical performances captured in a state-of the-art recording.

Of this project, Monte says, “I started my creative life as a songwriter and musician. I later became a literary writer. But over the years, music stayed in me, and once my books were published, I returned to songwriting and began recording with the help of the amazing, creative, and technical people that brought life to this project I call Seraphonium.”

“After Many A Summer” is currently available on iTunes including the artistic booklet and lyrics.

Seraphonium’s debut benefit concert, featuring the best collective of Santa Barbara’s top musicians to ever perform on one stage, as well as key, noted Los Angeles musicians and performers, will showcase Monte’s songs at Santa Barbara’s modern, visionary Marjorie Luke Theater on Friday, November 20, 2015, located at 721 E. Cota Street. All ticket sales from this once-in-a-lifetime concert will be donated to AHA!: A non-profit committed to transforming the world by empowering teens to create peaceful and connected communities.






An avid supporter of his local artistic community, Monte also resurrected the Santa Barbara Writers Conference (SBWC) and its forty-six year-old community of writers. As the eldest son of Charles M. Schulz, who was an integral part of SBWC with founders Barnaby and Mary Conrad, Monte inherited his father’s appreciation for great literary works and the power of the written word. He now carries on the family legacy of writing and storytelling, from comic strip to literary fiction and songwriting.

Monte has taught literary writing style for fourteen years at SBWC and is a lecturer at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Musician/Producer Brian Mann (Kenny Loggins) says “Monte has a combination of great talent, intelligence, a heart of gold, true musical and lyrical gifts, wisdom and wise instincts … his Seraphonium is music at a higher level. I love working on these songs.”

John Lancaster, keyboard player for the Gary Allan Band, described “A Song Of You,” track #1 on the album, as “a sonic masterpiece.”

As wonderfully as the Seraphonium songs are played and recorded, what truly stands out is the quality and diversity of Monte’s songwriting. “Although I consider myself as much a composer as a writer,” confesses Monte, “I do try to tell stories in both my books and my songs that I hope entertain, and perhaps instruct, those who read and listen to them.”




Monte is also a prolific author who has published six novels, the latest being a one-thousand plus page epic literary novel,“Crossing Eden,” to be released in December by Fantagraphic Books.

Crossing Eden is the story of an American family in the summer of 1929, when a failed businessman divides himself from his wife and children, and a troubled farm boy runs away from home in the company of a gangster. It’s also the tale of a nation in the last months of the Roaring Twenties, a glittering decade of exuberance and doubt, optimism and fear.

the 72 collaborating ARTISTS

*Adam GuST drums
*Adam Phillips singer
*Allie Kaster singer
Angus Cooke cello
Annie J. Dahlgren singer
*BenediKt Brydern (Yanni) violin, viola
*Blaine Sprouse fiddle
Bob Nichols drums
*Brian Mann (Kenny Loggins) producer, arranger, keyboards, accordion, synth
*Byl Carruthers (Café R&B) producer, arranger, guitars, bass
*Carl Villaverde singer, ukulele, guitars
*Chris Rhyne (Santana) keyboards
Clayton Haslop violin
*Colin Kupka flute, sax
Craig Sharmat guitars
Dave Chamberlain bass
*David LaFlamme guitar
*David West (Cache Valley Drifters & Chris Hillman Band) producer, arranger, guitars, mandolin, banjo, dobro, bass, singer
Dom Camardella engineer
Domenic Genova bass
*Donzell Davis (Mary Wilson) drums
*Ejé Lynn-Jacobs SINGER
Emmett Sargent engineer
Erik Stucky mandolin, guitar, singer
*Erin Munsch singer
*Eugene Ruffolo singer
Euro Zambrano percussion
Gabe Witcher fiddle
*George Friedenthal composer, singer, keyboards
Hana Loggins singer
Holly Duffy singer
Jan Ingram singer
Jane St. Clair singer
Jason Fiedtkou singer
Jay Kahn singeR
Joel Dalton singer
John McFee (Doobie Brothers) steel guitar
Karen Lytle singer
*Katie Fritzke singer
Kelly Griffith Simmons singer
Kim Collins bass
*Kimberly Ford singer
*Laura Schlieske singer
Laurie Rasmussen harp
Liz Samuels singer
*Lois Mahalia singer
Lorenzo Martinez percussion
Lorin Grean recorders
Lynn Coulter drums,

*Maitland Ward (Kenny Loggins, Madonna) guitar
Mari Koda Headley singer
Maria Newman violin
Mark Hayes guitar
Meghan Monroe singer
*Michael Loring Andrews singer
Michelle Garratt singer
Monte Schulz songwriter, producer, arranger, singer
Nee Sackey bass
Patrick D’Arcy Uilleann pipes
*Paul Hefti guitar
Paula Hochhalter cello
*Randy Tico (Jeff Bridges and the Abiders) bass
*Ray Pannell (Mary Wilson) guitars
*Ritchie Gonzales flute
Scott Hosfeld viola
*Shawn Thies singer
Sierra Reeves singer
Tim Kobza guitar
*Tina Schlieske (Tina and The B-Sides) singer
*Tom Ball (Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan) harmonica, guitar
Tom Fillman drums
*Tom Lackner (Jeff Bridges & the Abiders) drums

* These Artists will be performing at the November 20th Seraphonium performance.

About The Artists

The extraordinary talent of Seraphonium musicians and producers who collaborated to showcase Monte‘s songwriting skills include keyboardist Brian Mann (Kenny Loggins); guitarists John McFee (Doobie Brothers), Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), Maitland Ward (Kenny Loggins, Madonna), Byl Carruthers (Café R&B), David West (Cache Valley Drifters & Chris Hillman Band), Ray Pannell (Mary Wilson); drummers Donzell Davis (Mary Wilson), Chris Rhyne (Santana) and Tom Lackner (Jeff Bridges & the Abiders); harpist Tom Ball (Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan); singer/guitarist Tina Schlieske (Tina and The B-Sides); bassist Randy Tico (Jeff Bridges and the Abiders); violist/violinist Benedikt Brydern (Yanni); keyboardist George Friedenthal; guitarists Paul Hefti, Craig Sharmat, Erik Stucky, Tim Kobza, David LaFlamme and Mark Hayes; drummers Adam Gust, Tom Fillman, Bob Nichols; drummer and vocalist, Lynn Coulter; bassists Domenic Genova, Nee Sackey, Kim Collins and Dave Chamberlain; Uilleann pipeist Patrick D‘Arcy; percussionists Lorenzo Martinez and Euro Zambrano; harpist Laurie Rasmussen; flutists Ritchie Gonzales and Colin Kupka; recorder player Lorin Grean; fiddlers Blaine Sprouse and Gabe Witcher; violinists Clayton Haslop and Maria Newman; violist Scott Hosfeld; cellists Angus Cooke and Paula Hochhalter — all from the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles music community.

The album features some of Santa Barbara‘s most popular singers including Shawn Thies, Lois Mahalia, Katie Fritzke, Sierra Reeves, Hana Loggins, Kimberly Ford, Allie Kaster, Laura Schlieske, Annie J. Dahlgren, Jan Ingram, Karen Lytle, Liz Samuels, Holly Duffy, Jane St. Clair, Erin Munsch, Meghan Monroe, Mari Koda Headley, Kelly Griffith Simmons, Michelle Garratt, Adam Phillips, Jason Fiedtkou, Jay Kahn, Michael Loring Andrews and Ejé Lynn-Jacobs, as well as singers from outside Santa Barbara – Jennifer Keil, Eugene Ruffolo, Joel Dalton and Carl Villaverde.

Monte’s musical momentum moves on as Seraphonium continues to record new songs for a follow-up CD due in early 2016.


Past Performances

LIVE BENEFIT CONCERT for AHA! – Over $5000.00 Raised!

Friday, November 20, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
@ The Marjorie Luke Theater
721 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara


Thank you to everyone who attended Seraphonium’s First Live Concert Friday, November 20. A once-in-a-lifetime musical collaboration of the “Best of the Best” Santa Barbara atists together for the FIRST time on ONE STAGE, played the visionary and melodic songs of producer-impresario songwriter Monte Schulz.


With over 700 people in attendance, we were thrilled the Santa Barbara community showed resounding support for Seraphonium and for AHA! by raising over $5000.00!


AHA! is a non-profit committed to transforming the world by empowering teens to create peaceful and connected communities. Visit for more information.

Upcoming Performances

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Seraphonium Live on Stage

  • Suzanne E.

    “A beautiful coming together of lyrics, music and tune which delights the soul and makes you happy in thought.
    I couldn't stop listening ...”

  • Rachel T.

    “Such an inspiring and epic evening of musical collaboration!”

  • Cheri F.

    “Much can be said about music. It soothes the soul, creates a mood; we dance ,we sing, and every now and again a song, in its beauty, stays with you. A Song of You is such a song for me. ”

  • Tracy S.

    “ I loved this show! I'm so impressed with Monte's talent; not only is he a great novelist, but also an amazing songwriter!”

  • Stephen V.

    "A brilliant event. And Monte sang the house down."

  • Lead Singer, Shawn Thies

    “What a spectacular night it was... And So much fun singing with all these Super talented friends!!!”


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To arrange meetings with Monte, his producers or band members by phone or in person, or for a link to the music, or any information about Monte or Seraphonium, please call or email.

“Monte Schulz’ ambitious ‘Seraphonium’ project was a major live event of 2015, and the album that spawned the live show is a sweet, polished jewel.”
– Josef Woodard, News-Press Correspondent

“The SERAPHONIUM album is spectacularly written and performed and is simply gorgeous.”


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